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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slow Loris ( Kongkang )

Slow Loris is one of the animals found in Malaysia. It is one of three species classified in the genus Loris Nycticebus; Nycticebus Councang, Nycticebus Bengalensis and Nycticebus Pygmaeus. Loris is an animal that belongs to the class of living things, the animal kingdom, vertebrates (vertebrate), the class of mammals. In the arrangement, belongs to the family Lorisidae. Loris is a warm-blooded animals, childbirth, child care, and have fur on the body.

Slow Loris is a shy animal that looks like a monkey except for the eyes. Relatively large size of the eyes and a bit intimidating. Usually slow loris hiding amid lush foliage. Loris did not have a lot of family or move in a large group. Movement on the branch is also quite slow. His eyes were a little red. It also can be found in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and most of  Asia Tenggera. 

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