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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Body Odor

Below are 5 tips to avoid your body from smell stinky:

1. frequent bathing
Bathing is a good first step to prevent body odor. Bathroom with bath shower is better compared with gushing water bath for as long as it would be a lot of dirt and bacteria is wasted from the body compared with a constant water flow and no flow.

2. Keep your body clean
Body odor is affected by the daily habits. Therefore, keep cleaning the body to prevent body odor.

3. Use antiperspirant
Deodorant generally contain zinc and aluminum which serves to combat the bacteria that causes body odor. While antiperspirants work by blocking the gland so that bacteria can not interact with it, antibacterial soap can also help kill germs in the body.

4. Proper nutrition
multiply to consume water, nutrients and fruits that contain antioxidants. Avoid food and beverages that contain caffeine, chocolate and fats. Bacteria are very fond of sweat that contains fat.

5. Consumption of green vegetables
Vegetables smelled like basil is great to eliminate body odor. And the vegetarian body odor better than those who consume meat. Avoid taking a foul-smelling vegetables like jering, petai and so on.

Try It And See the Result

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