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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Care Your Hair

Below are 9 step to care your hairs
  1. When we wake in the morning, do not rush to fix you hair, comb your hair with fingers to unravel the tangled hair.
  2. Select a comb with wooden base materials. Comb hair gently, then trim by hand to avoid the hair flying
  3. Long hair is not enough given the conditioner. Perform maintenance once a week to provide softness and luster to the hair
  4. The use of conditioners or other treatment material, simply apply on the hair shaft and tip because that part it is needed most and not on the scalp.
  5. Before use shampoo, comb your hair first, so when the hair is still in a state of wet and had just given a conditioner, comb the hair in this state can avoid tangling.
  6. Too often use a hair dryer can cause damage to the hair for a long time, so use a hair dryer but must aware the dryer not so hot.
  7. Do not be too often curl your hair with a hot hair rollers , if forced to use it, make sure your hair has been protected with care products to prevent damage.
  8. When swimming, use hair care products to protect your hair from the sun and chlorine in pool water.
  9. If your hair is quite slow growth, cut the ends every 12 weeks to avoid the broken at the ends of hair. Conversely, if your hair grow faster, cut every 2 months.

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